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Anxiety and How it Works.

Anxiety plays a role in the development of some people. For some growing up as a child, the world can seem unsafe, unpredictable, challenging or hostile. As a child when the world is viewed through this lens it is good to become aware of risks and instability. as this can make you feel safe. This is where anxiety becomes that "friend" that we don't want but can't really get rid of. It's the friend that says "you should avoid this", "try to control this", "there's danger over there keep back". That can keep us safe and protected.

However, anxiety also stops us from finding out if taking a risk would have paid off. So it comes to a point when we reach adult life and we need to take risks, in studying, careers, romance/relationships, buying property and in general is at this point that the anxiety can become overwhelming and unhelpful.

For most, anxiety is a "bad feeling" where it may feel like our thoughts are going too fast, our heart races, lump in our throat, weak legs, sweaty hands, flushed face, sick stomach etc. These are all completely normal, and you are normal if you are experiencing them. It could mean that you are suffering from anxiety.

Using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other psychotherapy approaches, I speak with my clients, help them to understand how anxiety has come about, what it's function was and what it is now. We work together to understand the secondary gain of anxiety and what keeps it going, both in our daily lives and at a deeper and more core level of our being.

If you can identify with this brief article feel free to get in touch to look at an initial assessment session to discuss how CBT may be of benefit to you. No one is beyond help or hope.


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