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Change Starts Here

Many of our patients, both past and present were once "stuck" in their own life, a series of difficulties building up over such a long time it was hard to pick out one thing. The therapy we provide is goal focused and action orientated.


We move to identify a distinct number of problems or challenges you are facing and help you to develop the insight as well as the cognitive, emotional and behavioural skills to tackle each of these challenges.


I was very anxious and struggling to cope with little things like going to the shop and meeting people. After a few weeks in therapy I began to do these things again, control my anxiety and think more clearly about things. I couldn't recommend Conal highly enough


I was really nervous to start therapy but I found Conal to be warm, friendly and understood me really well. We clicked from the get go and I would definitely advise people to try it out if they are suffering with anxiety


I saw Conal first because I was struggling with my mood during lockdown, he gave me great tips, showed me how to structure my thoughts more clearly and I haven't looked back. It was great to have someone local to Castleknock for me


This was my first time doing therapy and I couldn't recommend it more.


I really liked Conal, I liked that he challenged me to think differently and reshape my view on things! I feel I became and improved version of myself and would recommend him to anyone that isn't where they want to be in life


I was in a dark place because of Covid and a few other issues in my life when I started therapy, after a short time I began to feel lighter in myself and less upset and more motivated. Conal is an expert in his field and I really enjoyed the sessions with him

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