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Depression and Low Self Esteem

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

Depression and Low Self Esteem effect approximately 1 in every 10 people. This can be a difficult challenge for both the person suffering with depression and their families. Often times people feel overwhelmed, unable to cope, that they are insignificant or a general value judgement that they are "not good enough" or "a failure". Often times depression is a response to where a person is in their life or negative life event. People have expectations and to fall short of those expectations can be a bitter pill to swallow. One key part of depression is an internal critic. This critic may at one point or another have been a useful motivator, pushing you to achieve or strive to avoid failure. For some, the avoidance of failure is a measure of success and happiness, until such times that they can no longer measure these things.

When one suffers with depression they may feel useless, the world is a bad place and the future is bleak and dark. This can often leave people feeling stuck and unmotivated, they may become challenging or hostile at home and become critical with others. Using CBT I work with clients to challenge negative cognitive patterns, to open up a more positive internal dialogue that is a voice of compassion, not criticism. This in conjunction with behavioural interventions has been shown to bring about positive and lasting change in clients suffering with depression.

No one is beyond help, and all are deserving of it. If you feel you are suffering with depression book an initial assessment session to see how CBT may help improve the quality of your life.


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